Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Five Fast Film Reviews

Whew, the last month blew by so quick without blogging that I had a chance to go see quite a few movies. I plan on posting longer reviews on certain movies that I saw and really enjoyed but I wanted to post something about a few lesser movies that I also enjoyed. And by lesser, I mean smaller.

House Bunny

What I Liked About It - Anna Faris. I can watch her in almost anything. From Lost in Translation to Just Friends, I think she's great. Colin Hanks looks more an more like his father in every movie. Chicks, man. Hot chicks throughout this movie like nobody's business. Kat Dennings. And Emma Stone channeling her Superbad co-star Jonah Hill.

Star Wars: Clone Wars

What I Liked About It - Visuals you would never see in a George Lucas movie. More Obi-Wan kicking ass. Heavy on the lightsabers battles, easy on the space fighter battles.

Hamlet 2

What I Liked About It - Steve Coogan. Mexicans being portrayed as more than stereotypes. Elisabeth Shue, still gorgeous and brilliant as herself, not always an easy thing to do. Catherine Keener. Raped in the Face and Rock Me Sexy Jesus. And even David Arquette.


What I Liked About It - Bill Maher. Larry Charles dressing like a Hassidic Jew for most of the movie. The unbelievable access Maher and his crew achieved. Maher being a comedian first, a filmmaker second and never passing up a chance to make an easy joke.

Burn After Reading

What I Liked About It - The Cast. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand, John Malkovich, Tilda Swinton, JK Simmons, the Coens going back to Raising Arizona and Big Lebowski territory and all those wonderful toys.


The Mad Hatter said...

Intriguing...but what did you *dislike* about these films?

elgringo said...

I posted about Anna Faris and The House Bunny. Check it out:

Fletch said...

Yes, but what's the final tally for TDK viewings? 15? 20? I want to believe that you're responsible for at least $2 million of it's final take.

"still gorgeous and brillinant as herself"

How ironic. ;)

I'm jealous you've seen Religulous already...

Big Mike Mendez said...

What did I dislike? Hmmm...

House Bunny - Not much, I really dug the movie if it was a tad predictable.

Clone Wars - I realize that it was made for kids but so were the original movies, yet they never felt like it. Basically, they have failed to capture the lightning in the bottle of the original trilogy.

Hamlet 2 - I think most of the humor was for shock value, but some of the obligatory gay/drugs/sex jokes fell a little short.

Religulous - Nothing. Great, great movie.

Burn After Reading - Not enough Tilda Swinton or Malkovich for me, but I understand there story was not about them. We barely get to know him and begin to empathize with him and we pulled away to Frances McDormand and Brad Pitt, never really getting back to Malkovich.

Final TDK count? 10. And one more IMAX screening planned before it's gone. Of course, there's always that big Oscar re-release.

Hopefully, Religulous will be coming to a Godless heathen run theatre to you soon.