Monday, March 29, 2010

Better Not Bring Your Kids!

I had the day off from work and rather than go out to the movies, I stayed inside. After reorganizing three stacks of DVDs about three feet high each, I still couldn't pick one, so I threw in season two of Chappelle's Show, intending to watch it until my cousin called me. He texted me back hours later, but by that time, I was already too deep into the DVD to even care.

If you haven't never seen the show, you're missing out on one of the funniest shows of the past decade. Controversial, groundbreaking and genius were some of the adjectives used to describe the show at it's height and it holds up well even today. With the dearth of quality sketch comedy on television, Dave delivered strong quality episodes every week. His commitment to excellence drove him hard enough to walk away from the show after the season, but it remains an amazing testament to his talent and vision. Here are some of my favorite highlights from the second season.

Samuel L. Jackson Beer - I can't watch ANY Samuel L. Jackson movie without thinking to myself, "mmm-mmm bitch!" Especially when sitting in a quiet theater during a Sam Jackson trailer.

Law & Order - This is where the line between jokes and social relevance start to thin to the point of disappearance. From the 'jury of your peers' to Tron's pleading the 'Fif', this sketch is a comedy of absurdity, turning everyday well known conventions of then head and making a mockery of the government's pursuit of justice.

Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories - There was talk and rumors of Dave actually doing a Rick James biopic in the style of these sketches. If only they had come to fruition, we would've had the funniest musical biopic ever.

Making the Band - Trust me, the sketch is far more compelling than anything the actual show ever produced.

KneeHigh Park - I would probably let my kids watch KneeHigh Park. Lots of good lessons there.

Wayne Brady - There may never be a better skewering of a celebrity's public image than Wayne Brady's Training Day-inspired sketch. And if you get the DVD, watch the special features to see Wayne positively squirm at the thought of delivering his now infamous catch phrase.

Black Bush - Possibly the best political sketch of all time.


Dreher Bear (...Where The Buffalo Roam) said...

Great show! I only wish it could of ended on better terms.

Jason said...

Just came across your blog today.
It's so funny — two nights ago, I also revisited the Chapple show seasons 1-2. Brilliant. Bummed that he didn't come back for a complete third season, but he went out on top and these episodes will live on for the rest of my life.

Scottie P said...

I will always be partial to the Racial Draft and the World Series of Dice. Both are classic Chappelle sketches and I cannot have a conversation about the show without quoting those 2 sketches. I agree with your take on the rest though. Real good stuff.

Heather said...


The Shark Ate Me!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved this show so much it makes me sad to watch because I miss it so much.