Friday, August 1, 2008

Big Mike's Lil' Update 8/1/08

- Just wanted to do a little Dark Knight wrap up. It's been a week and I haven't seen another film in the theatre beside it. Seven times, and I still have to take my parents to it.

- As of this writing, Thursday night, Dark Knight as grossed $342 and a half million dollars, making it the thirteenth highest grossing film of all time and it will probably cross the $400 million dollar mark this weekend. Suddenly, Titanic doesn't seem so far away, now does it?

- I think I may have finally gotten Batman out of my system, so next week, there will be some new things coming up, including getting into that whole Criterion/Janus thing I was talking about the other day.

- Please check out the LAMB Action Hero and vote for me and John McClane! You must vote, it's your sacred franchise!

- And for those of you who think I maybe too far in my devotion to Batman...

You may be right!


Fletch said...'ve gone too far (unless that's a temp). Reminds me of my brother...

Big Mike Mendez said...

It's real... and it's spectacular!

elgringo said...

Titanic was in theatres for around nine months, longer in some places. I ended with 600 million.

TDK's only been out for a couple weeks and it's gonna cross 400 million. Whooo, we'll see.

Also, nice tat.

Big Mike Mendez said...

True, but Dark Knight is grossing more money at an unprecedented rate. It may only need one month at this rate to pass Titanic.

The Mad Hatter said...

Nice YOU sir are a true fan.

I've been wondering about the TITANIC thing for a few days now, but didn't want to post about it.

Even with its amazing break out of the gate, I don't know that TDK can score $600M, just because TITANIC appealed to a broader audience. I could be wrong - and honestly, I'd like to be wrong.

I will say this though - looking at what is left to be released this month, I wouldn't be surprised to see it be #1 for another month's worth of weekends.

Time will tell...

Big Mike Mendez said...

Thank you. I am hard core.

Even if it doesn't reach Titanic, the fact remains that now Nolan has carte blanche for a third Batman film and that will be truly exciting.