Tuesday, August 5, 2008

California Son

I was lent a copy of the first season of Californication from my friend Alex and have been devouring it in between work this weekend. David Duchovny is hilariously dry witted as writer Hank Moody, boozing and whoring his way through Los Angeles. Transplanted from New York, his loathing for the city is contrasted by the beautiful shots of the beach, Downtown and Hollywood. With dialouge like "Not only are you a cadverous lay but you got shitty taste in movies," Judy Greer letting Hank do blow off her half naked body and Hank getting punched in the face by a woman when she reaches orgasm, the series had me at the pilot.

With this scene here.

Californication is available on DVD.

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elgringo said...

Oh man, "Not only are you a cadaverous lay but you got shitty taste in movies" is hilarious. I may have to use that one sometime.