Monday, June 8, 2009

The Final Frontier

I thought that my first blog back should have some sort of profound meaning and indeed, it might.  You see, I have never seen a
Star Trek movie before.  Ever.  Not a single one.  Never watched the original show, Next Generation, nothing.  Honestly, I have been anti-Trek since I was a kid.  I'm Star Wars all the way.  And amongst my other Trekkers fans, I was the most excited to see Star Trek this summer.  I believed that J.J. Abrams was going to make an amazing movie that would completely re-invent the franchise while maintaining the spirit of the original.  You know how I knew that?  Not by watching Alias or Lost, because I don't watch those shows.  I guess I just took it on faith.  And I was not disappointed.

Star Trek grabs you with a great opening sequence and does not slow down.  This is Abrams' Trek, straight up and down.  Space battles, giant monsters, time travel and lots of fights serve to make it feel like a real science fiction/action movie set in the world of Star Trek.  It is a reboot of a franchise along the lines of Casino Royale more than Batman Begins.  But, of course the main core of the film is the cast.  To re-cast actors in roles that have been iconic for more than forty years was quite a task, but everyone in the film performs admirably.   Pine and Quinto are big studs, man and they both carry the film.  Anton Yelchin, John Cho, Karl Urban and Simon Pegg make their characters unique yet familiar, recognizable yet distinct.  (I know that I am speaking as if I am more than knowledgeable on Trek, but let's be honest.  Hasn't it been parodied to the point where even if you've never seen it, you've already seen it?)  And Zoe Saldana is pretty hot too, even when competing with green chicks and Winona Ryder.  But, Pine makes the movie for me.  He comes out of nowhere to completely steal the show.  I've been looking forward to his performance since I first saw the trailer in front of Quantum of Solace.  My friends and I attended at double bill of Casino Royale and Quantum at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood and as we stood in line, we noticed this pretty boy with his chick standing in front of the door.  They didn't appear to have a ticket because they weren't going in, but was dressed so trendy that we couldn't help but laugh and refer to him as "Jim Bond".  It wasn't until after we watched the Star Trek trailer and our shouting subsided that we realized, "Hey, that was Captain Kirk outside."  I hope he was happy with our response because we felt guilty for making fun of him earlier.  And after watching the film twice, I feel real bad about it.

As I mentioned, I have never seen a Trek movie before, but after walking out of the theatre, I told my friend that I hope they make fourTEEN more Star Trek movies like this.

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