Friday, November 13, 2009

What Am I Supposed To Do With You, Will Ferrell?

Well? Tell me, Will, what am I going to do with you? You are immensely talented and I loved almost everything you did on Saturday Night Live. From Robert Goulet to James Lipton, Janet Reno and of course, Harry Caray, your impressions made you stand out from the rest of the cast and shot you to stardom. You made the move into feature films with funny supporting roles until you stole Old School away from everyone else. When you finally got a chance to write and star in your first leading role, it was Anchorman and it was great. It's probably my own fault that I expected so much from you after that, instead of the horrible sports comedies and the terrible movies made from old TV series. Hell, you were even a letdown in a Woody Allen movie IN the Woody Allen role and those are my favorite types of films from him. I figured you for another Adam Sandler and thought that we had seen your flash of Punch Drunk Love genius come and go.

But, you remembered that one of the best things from your SNL stint was your George W. Bush impression. Granted, it wasn't the most accurate impression, but nobody made a current president look as buffoonish since Chevy Chase was falling down as President Ford in the 70's. And, I was so proud of you when you appeared on SNL during the elections to drive him the 'a vote for McCain is a a vote for Bush' message and I thank you for being part of that huge role that the show played in the campaign season. But, you pushed yourself even further creatively by writing and staging your one man Broadway show, You're Welcome America; A Final Night with George W. Bush. It is truly a slice of satirical genius with occasional slides into your brand of silliness like shouting, male nudity and spontaneously breaking into dance. However, in between the costume changes and audience participation bits, you got some really good comedy working like mocking Bush's pseudo-Texas lineage and breaking down the administration's build up to war in between the purely hilarious jokes about training a special unit of monkeys for fighting evil and making children laugh or revealing to everyone where Bush really was when he went AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard. You even managed to bring some real levity to it all with some honest truths about the realities of the Iraq war. It is a remarkable showcase for your talents and your intelligence as a performer. So, if you never get around to Old School Dos or making another outrageous character like Ron Burgundy, just know that you have endeared yourself to my heart, for at least another few years.

Mission accomplished.

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