Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Arrested Wednesdays #3

One of the ongoing storylines over all three seasons of Arrested Development, (now available for $12.99 at your local Target, just in time for the holidays) once the tender heart of young George Michael Bluth. Played wonderfully, by a then unknown Michael Cera, George Michael began the series with an unrequited crush on his cousin Maeby, played by Alia Shawkat.

At first, the infatuation seems one sided, as George Michael silently pines away for her and finds himself attempting to repress his feelings for her, knowing that their relationship is an impossible one. He even attempts to distract himself with a girlfriend Ann, but when Maeby becomes increasingly jealous and critical of her, it's as clear as the Ann on plain's face that the two cousins share a special bond. When Maeby gives into her feelings, she quickly retreats from George Michael, leaving him in a stifling fit of self doubt and confusion.

If there is one commonality that everyone can find with this wealthy family, it is the struggle and heartache of George Michael. As the years go bye, I find myself constantly drawn back to the character as his devotion and passion for the woman he cannot have but cannot stop loving drives him forward in the narrative. In many ways, as he grows on the show, the relationship does not, but George Michael soldiers on, determined to remain true to himself, his feelings and the most important thing.

No, not breakfast. Family.

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The Mad Hatter said...

A cousins in love...what a fun sexy time for them!

Tom Clift said...

"As clear as the Ann on plain's face"

LOL I love this show

"She calls in a mayon-egg!"

Big Mike Mendez said...

"I was hoping he would be gifted sexually."

And Tom, she may call it a mayon-egg, but they call her, The Wall.

Free Movies said...
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