Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Arrested Wednesdays #6

There has been a request for an "hermano" clip on Arrested Wednesdays, so without further due, I will oblige.

What I love most about this clip, is not the clever dialogue, Gob's preening older brother conceit or even the Spanish language version of "Hey brother", but it is all in Tony Hale's portrayal of Buster.

Buster Bluth is the heart of the Bluth family, sensitive, vulnerable and the only one who can read past the word 'unfrozen'. But, here, as he tries out life on his own, yet amongst his older brothers, it's absolutely precious to see him try to become his own man, stand up for himself and for his love and so desperately try to get his face socked in.



The Mad Hatter said...

I'm usually proud to be Canadian...except Wednesdays, when you post these clips and I can't watch them since we don't get access to Hulu up here.


Fletch said...

But Hatter, do you get IFC? Because AD is in reruns on said channel. In fact, this episode (one of my favorites) was on last night.

Gracias, mi hermano.

The Mad Hatter said...

@ Fletch... Oh I don't need to wait for IFC, we have all three seasons on DVD at Casa del Hatter. Just sucks that I can't click over to Mike's blog in the middle of a crap workday and get instant joy.