Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Arrested Wednesdays #7

Though I think that next week we can delve a little deeper into the magical mystery that is Gob, this week's clip is a good taste of things to come. From the third season where Gob is desperately trying to please his father and constantly avoiding his long lost song, he becomes a roller coaster of emotions. You'll see him double cross Michael, while the two of them cry like a couple of school girls. Actually, he's the only one that's crying.

Furthermore, in this clip, the beginnings of Tobias' tragic fight with GVH start to take shape. And I don't know how many times my friend Jamie Black has called me Michael in that deep, low gravelly voice. But, every time I hear it, I reminded of this clip and better times.


Fletch said...

Steve Holt!

I'm not positive, but I think that episode is the one in which they all do the chicken dance for Michael. Friggin' killed me; god, I love the chicken dance...

Big Mike Mendez said...

Ah coodle doodle doo! Cha chee, cha chee! Cuckoo ka-chaw, cuckoo ka-chaw! Cocka, cocka caw!

Has anyone in that family ever seen a chicken?