Thursday, July 23, 2009

True Love for True Blood

After watching the first season of HBO's True Blood, I don't think that it does anything that hasn't been seen on television before, I just think that it does it better. I remember the show being talked about a few years ago, as Six Feet Under was finishing it's run and people were interested in Alan Ball's world of vampires and humans co-existing. Now, nearly five years later, his show has become more than just Twilight for adults, it's social commentary and blend of the mundane and the supernatural make it one of the most watchable shows on TV.

Make no mistake about it; vampires, shape shifters and telepathy aside, the show is mainly concerned with the romance between Sookie and Bill, as well as the personal life struggles of Tara, Sam, Jason and Arline. Without them going throught the same problems that everyday people face, the show would be nothing more than a Buffy retread. And while that might appeal to some, it would not have garnered the show the popular and critical acclaim that it has received. There is something for almost everyone, as all of the characters are so complex and multi-layered that they seem to breathe in real life and not jut exist on the screen. I really enjoyed each episode and went through the six discs pretty quickly.

Sam is my favorite character. Read into that what you will.

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