Monday, October 12, 2009

All Aboard For Zombieland

Zombieland was a terrific movie that had great characters, fun zombie killing action and an excellent script. It will undoubtedly earn comparisons to Shaun of the Dead, but the movie is closer to 48 Hours in it's tone. Bookended by great opening and closing action sequences, the movie is more memorable for the dialogue and interaction between the characters. People remember Nick Nolte picking up Eddie Murphy in jail and the scene in the bar and with Zombieland, audiences will remember Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson riding cross country and the first four rules of living in Zombieland. With a lack of serious zombie action, it is the story and the jokes that keep the audience laughing and never once wondering where all the zombies are at. Witty bon mots such as "One and done, that's my motto. I said that once." and "I've beat wholesale ass for a lot less" would have made this movie as classic on their own strength, but the appearance near the end of the film by none other than Bill Murray completely canonizes the film as not only a classic zombie movie, but a straight forward comedy as well.

And Emma Stone with a shotgun is way hot.


Maz said...

Dude, I flipped when Murray showed. I especially loved the line, "Oh, your going to find out who to call."

Branden said...

I think this movie is better than "Shaun of the Dead", but this is not end all be all of zombie films.

The plot was really thin. The last action sequence in the amusement park was a little dumb.

Fletch said...

The only thing I worry about is that it's gonna end up being dated really fast, since plenty of the jokes were so topical and relevant to pop culture today. Will anyone care in 15 years who Hannah Montana is (no that's not a trick question)? I foresee a possible Shrek-ing.

Aside from that worry, I completely agree. There's really not a whole lot of zombie killing, especially throughout the 2nd act, but it's funny as hell, with not only good joke writing but well-written characters for this sort of flick.