Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Arrested Wednesdays #2

First names aside, I have always felt a deep connection with Michael Bluth. My favorite Bluth, Michael is fiercely loyal to his family and always puts them first, but is not above trying to get them to better themselves. Michael struggles both in his life and at work to always do the right thing, even when a short cut presents itself. He has aspiration of being a lawyer, finding another wife and mother for his son and handles all of his frustrations with a dry wit and confidence that even I cannot emulate.

While he may seem mild mannered, there is a darker side of Michael. He is capable of turning on his family, whether it's stealing his brother's girlfriend, deceiving his mother into rehab, keeping his father in prison, out of prison or on house arrest and striking a blind woman in the face with a bible, burning down the family banana stand and threaten his secretary all in the first season.

But, Michael does everything for his son and the Bluth Company. He lives and dies for them, putting his blood, sweat and tears into his work. Particularly, the sweat as evidenced in the clip below.

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