Monday, October 26, 2009

Not listening to the LAMBcast yet?

The third installment of the LAMB's podcast, cleverly entitled the LAMBcast, has hit the interwebs and is available for download on iTunes. If you have not been listening to the LAMBcast, you suck. Every podcast has gotten better than the last and the third episode is chock full of more good stuff. I'm joined by fellow Bloggers Dylan Fields, Tom Clift, Nick Jobe and Jason Soto, all unique voices in their own right. We chat about news on our central website, The LAMB, which stands for Large Association of Movie Blogs, share what new trailers have our interest or disinterest and play a few games as well. It's topical, humorous and you just may learn a thing or two as well. You can check out the website here where you will find more information, options to download or just listen to the streaming version.

Now, all formalities and niceties aside, I have to write MY post-LAMBcast debrief and speak up on my own behalf. You see dear readers, I am the subject of mockery and ridicule for my general lack of knowledge in the horror genre. In episode 2, Attack of the Oscars, I was under fire for not seeing any Nightmare on Elm Street movies in my youth, whilst seeing more Billy Wilder films than every other LAMBcaster combined! In this week's episode, while improving my Last Man Standing record to 3-1-0, I was again marginalized by having intentionally missed 28 Days Later. Not a big Boyle fan, what can I say?

By now, I'm sure that you can tell I'm being sarcastic and have nothing but good things to say about the LAMBcast and my fellow LAMBcasters. I look forward to each new episode and have more fun recording them than almost anything else I'm doing right now. For myself and on behalf of the other LAMBs, we hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoy recording them.

Also, below is the
Cemetary Junction trailer that was discussed in this week's LAMBcast. Check it out, good stuff.

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