Sunday, July 27, 2008

12 Movies Meme

Tag! I'm it! Fletch has tagged me for his turn in the game called 12 Movies Meme, which originated from Piper at Lazy Eye Theatre. The game is simple. Pick twelve films that break into six double features and explain away. Then tag five more people. So, here are mine, in no particular order, but in the order to be played. Here are the movies of my life.

The Prestige & Bowfinger

I love movies. And these are my two favorites movies about movies. One is clearly about making movies and the other is a more cerebral look at the creative mindset of filmmakers.

North By Northwest & Children of Men

In my life, I have always felt like I'm being pursued. These are my two favorite chase movies. And I think they both have feel-good endings.

Dark Knight & Empire Strikes Back

Life isn't always sweet. Sometimes, things turn to shit before getting good again. These two films exemplify that.

Rushmore & Back to the Future

These two movies always remind me of my high school years. High school was about rejection and fear of being inadequate.

Dogfight & Stripes

These movies remind me of being in the Marines. I was a smart ass, but trying to be myself and do the right thing. Although, Jarhead is the closet film I've seen to the real thing.

Young Frankenstein & Goodfellas

Just my two favorite movies.

Now, who do I tag? Hmmm...

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Fletch said...

Rushmore and Back to the Future sure makes for an interesting double feature...

Big Mike Mendez said...

Both of them are feel good movies with a lot of awkwardness and odd goings on throughout.

Ibetolis said...

Woo-Hoo! I've been tagged. At last, I've been gagging to do this.

I agree with Fletch Rushmore and Back to the Future would be a great double bill, as would Young Frankenstein and Goodfellas. Good choices all round actually.

I'll have mine up in a few days, thanks for the tag.

elgringo said...

Haha, Young Frankenstein & Goodfellas. That's awesome. I'd see that in a second.

Daniel G. said...

I find your chase insight intriguing - and awesome.

The Prestige can never be overappreciated, either.

Big Mike Mendez said...

Thanks for the comments, all.

I just can't help but watch Rushmore and BTTF and get that feeling of being a teenager again. So cocky and self assured, but secretly afraid of being unpopular and uncool.

My friend Graham and I used to play "Night at the New Bev" all the time. Young Frankenstein and Goodfellas are my two favorite movies and I think, both very funny. If I get ill and have to stay in bed, Gene Wilder and Ray Liotta are taking care of me all day.

I don't know what it is about the impending sense of doom in my life, but things have calmed considerably in the past year or so. But in Children of Men, Theo gets her to the boat. He succeeds, the Human Project will deliver the baby safely and maybe, just maybe, mankind will get a second chance. That makes me feel good.