Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bruce Might be an Orphan, but Batman is Family

This Batman Blog-A-Thon entry is written by Matt Mendez. Here he is pictured to the right of his older, devastatingly handsome older brother, who asked not to be identified.

My brother always said that Batman was our generation’s superhero. That we were too old to be amazed by Spider-Man and too young to enjoy Superman. I tried to argue with him, but after some thinking, I realized I couldn’t. He was right.

Reruns of Batman (with Adam West) were something I grew up with. I can remember me and my brother searching them out on TV and eagerly awaiting the credits. Why the credits?? For the thrill that ran through me when Batgirl’s scooter flashed across the screen, it was like an early birthday present. My first TV crush. It’s something magical. Riddler’s riddles, the Penguin’s umbrella’s, Joker’s laugh………they are all etched in my mind and I’ll never forget them.

The original Batman movie is a huge part of my life and my relationship with my brother. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. Before “Arliss”, I knew him as Knox who got a check cut for a million dollars. Before Kim Basinger was Eminem’s mom, she was a reporter that hid film in her bra (lucky film!). No matter what anyone says about “Chinatown” or “One Flew Over” Jack will ALWAYS be the Joker to me. Like Ari Gold says “There’s the Joker, there’s Batman.” And let’s not get started on the quotes that the movie provides………when I was younger my big brother could get me to do damn near anything as long as he grabbed my shoulder, stared me straight in the face and said, “ MATT…….YOU…..are my number 1….GUY.” Kool-Aid was good as made.

And last, but not least…….the costumes. I have the distinct memory of my mom hating life come Halloween when we went as Batman and Robin. I, of course, was Robin because it was natural to follow my big brother’s lead. I had the black mask over my face and the bright yellows and reds. My brother had the utility belt and pointy ears. I know the pictures are still somewhere, but God would I be embarrassed to post them.

I threw a rock at Batman……….It was a BIG rock.”


DCMovieGirl said...

Jack will ALWAYS be the Joker to me.

We'll see if you feel the same way AFTER you've seen The Dark Knight. :)

Michael J. Mendez said...

Methinks he meant that Jack Nicholson will always be Joker, but you're probably right as to who will be THE definitive Joker.

Great post bro. I loved it. You're still my number one guy.

This blog needs an enema!

Matt said...

Guess I need to work on my clarity, but Mike knew what I meant. Jack will always be the Joker, not that the Joker will always be Jack. For me the Joker has always been from the comic book, after this weekend...... we'll see.