Thursday, June 12, 2008

Big Mike's Lil' Update 6/13/08

Been awhile since I put up an update, but things are going on friends. Let's get into it.

- Loved Iron Man, can't say enough good things about it. So, what's with Marvel STUDIOS lowballing Jon Favreau? If reports are to be believed and I do believe them, Marvel thinks Favs is not worth a modest pay increase and can make Iron Man 2 with anyone. Wonder what Robert Downey Jr. thinks...

NOTE: Apparently, today is was reported that Marvel has made a substantial offer to Favreau to direct the sequel. However, this does come after the dust up online.

- Iron Man and Batman are kind of like Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. I know that in my heart, I AM Lando/Iron Man, but I still wish I were Han/Batman.

- Check out the new trailer for the Miracle at St. Anna, the new World War II movie from Spike Lee. Looks exciting!

- Ok, so I've written about going to the charity screening of Blade Runner this weekend, but I have also scored tickets to a special screening of Spaced with Edgar Wright and Matt Stone. Super stoked and will be blogging about both, I promise.

- So not only have then been floating a picture of the new Terminator poster online, but rumors abound that a teaser will be in front of The Dark Knight. Good Lord, I think I just wet myself.

- Finally, I wasn't really excited to see Wolverine, until I saw this picture below! I love World War II!

A lot of comic book related stuff, but last thing, I am really looking forward to The Incredible Hulk tomorrow.

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