Thursday, May 15, 2008

Big Mike's Lil' Update 5/15/08

Quick update before the weekend hits.

- You know what I'm looking forward to that opens this weekend? Nothing. Prince Caspian is the big release, but I did not see the first one and isn't this actually the fourth book? They tried to make me read it in Catholic school, but I never got into it and didn't stay with it long enough to get to the racist and anti-Semetic stuff.

- Michael Moore has announced a follow up to Fahrenheit 9/11. Noble as it may seem , like its predecessor it will probably end up being released too late to have a serious impact on the November elections. Of course, by then President Obama will probably have us out of the war and back on the right track.

- Fox has announced their lineup for next year. 24 returns mid-season with a 2 hour prequel-ish movie, then the series movies to its regular spot. Sarah Conner Chronicles will also return this year in September. We'll see the premiere of The Cleveland Show, the Family Guy spin off starring everybody's favorite 2nd favorite black man and Sit Down, Shut Up the new animated series from Sir lord Mitch Hurwitz, creator of Arrested Development. Check it out for yourself here.

- The Encore channel as been showing The Prestige non-stop over the past week and every time I flip through, I cannot change the channel. It has not worn on me in the least and I only enjoy it more and more, still full of worry that I might eventually tire of it. Particularly, since this is my new desktop background.

- Also, I recently joined the Large Association of Movie Blogs or LAMB. I'm officially LAMB #97. Missed the century mark by this much. Check out the post and the LAMB website at LAMB #97 Big Mike's Movie Blog. Or you can click on the lamb to the right. -->

- Still another week until Indy, two weeks until The Strangers and oh God, is it still eight weeks until The Dark Knight?! I've got two things I'm looking forward to this summer. Batman and getting my new car. In that order.

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