Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Top Five Movie MILF's

What is it about the term or the idea of the MILF that is so arousing? It is the deeper Oedipal complex inside all of us or merely a flirtation with the forbidden and taboo? I don’t care, the MILF’s on my list are unbelievably hot.

Basically, the list came about after a long discussion with a friend about my number one. It quickly evolved into a ranking system and the explanation that the list needed to consist of women who had played roles as mothers, in films where the children figure into the story as importantly as they do.

5. Annette Benning as Carolyn Burnham in American Beauty

Not only should Mrs. Warren Beatty have won the Academy award for this role, but she looks absolutely stunning in the entire picture, outshines her younger teen counterparts and screams, “Fuck me, your Majesty!”

4. Lea Thompson as Lorraine Banes in Back to the Future

True, she does not realize that she is a mother through most of the movie, or that she will be the mother or her crush. It gets slightly confusing, but the point is she is exuding sexuality at young Marty while he tries desperately to rebuff her advances. Way to go Marty, I don’t think anybody else could have resisted.

3. Sigourney Weaver as Janey Carver in The Ice Storm

I’m not sure if it’s the rocking 70’s hair styles, the cigarette smoking or the fact that I’ve had a crush on Sigourney Weaver since Ghostbusters, but when she toys with her son’s whip on the patio, I get a warm sensation on my back that needs to be scratched. Or whipped.

2. Rachel Weisz as Rachel in About A Boy

Rachel Weisz is gorgeous and really great as a single mother in this movie and always hot when speaking without her American accent. But she is at her hottest in a deleted scene when she shows up at Hugh Grant’s door and asks him, “What would you rather do? Watch Countdown or have sex with me?”

1. Ellen Burstyn as Lois Farrow in The Last Picture Show

Why do I love Ellen Burstyn so much? I’m not really sure, but her hurt expression on the couch waiting for a date that will not come and wearing sunglasses in the convertible before flipping everybody off remains the two images from that movie that stay in my mind. Yes, more than naked Cybil Shepard. I love the film, love Ellen and will watch anything she’s in. Congrats, Ms. Burstyn, you are the hottest MILF.


Anonymous said...

absochingaolutely for back to the future. and annette but in a different movie. ditto sigourney weaver but in ghost busters, hang the rules! or change it to mamasotas. you have xlnt taste. but you left off the greatest of all time, ann-margret in bye bye birdie. she was 17, i was 17, made for each other. ay, mamsota!


Michael J. Mendez said...

Ann Margret does deserve some shine on the list, but I kept it to just my favorite five. And the rules stand for a reason sir! Otherwise, I would be remiss in not mentioning Anne Bancroft in The Graduate but she still remains a cultural icon, a landmark. The name Mrs. Robinson needs no explanation for it has become part of our history, our language, our very way of life, terrible Jennifer Aniston movies notwithstanding.