Thursday, May 29, 2008

Paul's Brain Trust

Not an update and not a regular blog post. This is more important that any of that.

Paul Prischman is a DVD producer who has worked on the DVD releases for Spider Man 2, American Gangster, Kingdom of Heaven, Monster House, Gladiator: Extended Edition, Revenge: The Director's Cut and my personal favorite Blade Runner: Ultimate Collector's Edition.

Recently, Paul was diagnosed with Grade 4 brain cancer. The subsequent treatment is costly and efforts are being made to raise money for his wife and children in their time of need. Paul's Brain Trust has been established to take donations and raise money. One of their events coming up is a special screening of Blade Runner: The Final Cut with Sir Ridley Scott in attendance.

I will be attending this screening as a friend has already purchased tickets for the event. Yes, I am not above making such a noble sacrifice like going to see an amazing movie with a master director on one of the legendary Hollywood studio lots. I would go anyway, but if the money is going for a good cause then I'm all for it. If you click on the image on the right hand sidebar, it can take you right to the website. I love movies and my blog, but if we can all pool our resources and do something worth while with it, then I think that's a good thing. I actually like to do a lot of work myself with unwed mothers. *cough stripclub

Please check out the website and donate if you can. Times are tough all over, but I think most of us live a medical emergency away from financial trouble, so help if you can. This man is beloved by his peers, as evidenced by the outpouring of support and I'm sure everyone who reads this owns at least something that he has labored on.

Thanks for reading.

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